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Nome: F. C.

Cognome: Owlett

Anno: 1917

Mese: 12

Giorno: 15

Località: Milano, Italia

Volume: 2

Pagina: 131

recto/verso: verso

Località: Milano, Italia

Annotazioni: R. N. A. S [Royal Naval Air Service], Chateny en Espagne: Oft in my dreams I scan / her form divine, / more purely gracieful than / the subtle line / of Grecian urn or bust, / and nowise due / to stays, although she must / wear 'em, like you / fair maid (who read perchance / her eulogy), Stay closely to entrance / your symmetry! / her finaly carren brow, / her bosom white, / her carriage, are enow, / I'faith to smite / rare music from the strings / of Tara's Harp / (the same Tom more says brings / tears hot and sharp / into the seeing eyne / and racks the heart / that dwells on auld lang syne / why do I start! / I'll swear at times I hear / her syren voice, / and straight am taken quuer / gripped with a horrid fear / leaving no choice / but that I drake / myself, and wake / to find, alas, / that She is not! / not ever was!.... / (my yacht).

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